About us

Our story

Agrinoze’s groundbreaking irrigation method was developed by Eitan Israeli, co-founder, and Chief Agronomist.
The method was tested by over 150 farmers globally and consistently generated increment yield, leveraging data for better, more precise, and efficient agriculture.

How are we different

Globally, conventional fruit and vegetable cultivation use standardized ‘growing protocols’ – outdated crop-growing methods that largely rely on the local experience together with measuring tables and formulas for calculating evaporation by determining water loss (AKA “crop models”).
This widely used measuring method cannot calculate all the vital parameters accurately and on a real-time basis. Without the ability to manage precise irrigation and nutrient inputs at exact and defined timing the crop will never reach its full yield and genetic potential and waste of water and unnecessary fertilizers.

Agrinoze’s unique, precise methodology utilizes the plant root itself as a “super sensor” by monitoring the plant’s physiological activity day and night and reacts in real-time to the changes and/or needs in the plant’s physiological cycle.

Benefits to our customers

Agrinoze’s advantages include:

  • Significant yield increase.
  • Reduction in water consumption, allowing farmers to save water, save money and grow anything anywhere.
  • Reduction in fertilizer consumption, saving money and protecting the environment.
  • Efficient use of land and other resources with higher density planting.
  • Decrease methane emissions.
  • Provide better soil conditions for further grow cycles, thus, reducing tillage necessity and increasing soil organic carbon credits.


The Team


Erez Fait

Co-founder and President

Erez has over thirty years of experience in sales, marketing and strategy. Twenty years of sales experience in SE Asia.


Eitan Israeli

Co-founder and Chief Agronomist

Eitan is an agronomist and inventor with more than forty years of experience. An agricultural expert on yield growth.


Open Positions

Sales Development Specialist

We are looking for a passionate and highly motivated Sales Development Specialist to join our growing team.


• Lead creation & management: Identify and pursue sales opportunities, form connections and build relationships with prospective clients.
• Closely cooperate with the leadership team to improve strategic communication.
• Maintain well-organized, up-to-date, and accurate documentation of sales information and activities.


• Excellent knowledge of sales development, lead generation practices, and principles.
• Great collaboration and communication skills, including polished phone, email, and digital communication skills.
• Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to work in a team/goal-oriented environment.
• Ability to proactively recommend ideas and execute planned activities.
• A highly analytical approach.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.