A proven solution

Not just a recommendation

Impacting where it counts

The global food security challenge grows daily. Coping with population growth, climate change, soil erosion, water scarcity, and biodiversity loss, current solutions do not meet basic needs nor the rising demand for more food of higher quality.

Agrinoze provides a proven and immediate response to the food security challenge through our innovative platform, leveraging AI and machine learning enabling a full cycle of crop planting and harvesting.

Agrinoze’s Water-by-Demand™
utilizes the plant root itself as a “super sensor” by monitoring the plant’s physiological activity 24/7 and reacting in real-time to the changes and/or needs in the plant’s physiological cycle.

By delivering precise irrigation and nutrients to any crop as needed, the System enables full genetic potential and greater yield without wasting water or using unnecessary fertilizers;  optimizing land utilization, reducing growth cycles, enabling zero tillage, saving water, fertilizer and pesticide use.

The company’s unique staged business model is based on mutual trust and collaboration creating significant and sustainable impact in every region.

Measurable performance

  • Optimize land utilization
  • Save water & decrease fertilizer use
  • Less pesticides & herbicides
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Zero tillage
  • Crop agnostic
  • Lower deforestation