Success Stories

200% yield increase in Cassava

Background and objectives

During the fourth quarter of 2020, Agrinoze tested the impact of its unique approach to precision irrigation on Cassava, as part of a south-east Asia precision irrigation project.
Cassava is a tropical root crop, originally from Amazonia, that provides the staple food of an estimated 800 million people worldwide.


One of the advantages of the Agrinoze solution is that it can manage aggressive, dense planting protocols (distance between plants and distance between rows), hence significantly increasing the yield of a given plot. Our objective was to demonstrate this capability compared to : 1) a traditional spacing protocol, 2) a less aggressive spacing protocol and 3) an aggressive one.

The Results

200% yield increase

The traditional Cassava cultivation benchmark:

  • The average Cassava yield in the country is approximately 23 tons/Ha/year.
  • The typical growth cycle is nine months, one cycle a year.

Early Harvest

  • Three months after planting, the Cassava roots were harvested for testing.
  • The roots were measured and tested by a local lab and were found to be suitable for marketing after a third of the typical cycle.

200% yield increase

  • Running 2-3 cycles per year means an annual yield of 60-70 tons/Ha/year, compared to the benchmark of 23 tons/Ha/year.
  • These results demonstrate Agrinoze’s ability to give the plants what they need even in a dense spacing protocol, reach the full genetic growth potential of the plants, and run more growth cycles per year compared to conventional agriculture.
  • Using our irrigation solution in a dense planting protocol can generate up to 3 times the yield compared to conventional methods.
  • Water and fertilizer savings were very significant compared to the benchmark, especially since there were 3 times more plants per hectare compared to the benchmark. Approximately 50% of water and 50% of fertilizers can be saved.

Cassava, 3 weeks post planting

Cassava, 3 months post planting