Banana Plantation


The objective of the project, conducted over a period of 12 months in a Banana plantation, was to demonstrate the advantages of Agrinoze’s Percision Irrigation solution over traditional and advanced growing methods.


  • Agrinoze installed a drip irrigation system in the entire plantation.
  • The irrigation and fertigation of one section of the plantation were independently managed using Agrinoze’s advanced irrigation algorithm.
  • The irrigation and fertigation of the rest of the plantation were managed by the farmer, based on years of experience in growing Bananas in the same plot. This plot served as the control group.
  • Both plots used the same water source, the same control room equipped with irrigation and fertigation tables, the same fertigation tanks, and seedlings were planted on the same day, in the same density (same number of seedlings per square meter).
  • The Bananas were harvested over a 3-month period.

The Results


Healthy Plants

Agrinoze’s plot is denser with larger, greener, vibrant leaves.

Crop Volume

This supports the growth of more Banana bunches per cluster.

Control Group

Less leaves, less density


Dense plot, more leaves

Early Harvest

Shorter Sprouting Periods

Banana bunches started to appear earlier compared to the control plot.

Halfway through the harvest period

When Agrinoze harvested 53% of the crop, the control group harvested less than 5%.

At the end of the harvest period

When Agrinoze harvested 96%, the control group still had 45% left to harvest.

33% increase in yield, water and fertilizer savings

33% increase in Banana bunches per Hectare

Agrinoze increased the number of Banana bunches by implementing denser planting and cultivation protocol. All the plants still received the water they needed and produced high-quality, market-ready fruit.

Zero fertilizer use

Agrinoze did not use any fertilizers; saving money on fertilizers, safer for the environment and crop.

64% less Water Consumption

By using only the water the plants need reduced water consumption by 64%.

Zero fertilizer use

64% less Water Consumption