Same field, more yield.

Significantly increase yield, conserve water and fertilizers.



Fully automated,
real-time precision irrigation

Agrinoze enables food security pioneers to feed the world sustainably by delivering the first scalable solution for boosting global food production.

Agrinoze’s fully autonomous irrigation and fertigation system significantly increases plant growth while conserving water and nutrients. A proprietary algorithm runs the end-to-end system, learning unique plant and soil characteristics and responding to their needs in real-time. This method is effective for any crop, substrate, and growing environment, enabling any farm to become a pioneer in the battle for food security.


More plants per hectare
More cycles per year

Agrinoze developed a unique irrigation and fertigation method and agronomic approach, allowing our customers to increase their yield by leveraging three yield boosting factors:

  • Enabling the plant to reach its full growth potential by giving it optimal growing conditions.
  • A dense planting protocol, shorter distances between seeds and shorter distances between rows, resulting in planting double or even triple the number of seeds per hectare.
  • Shorter growth cycles. There are more growth cycles per year compared to traditional agriculture.
Data for smart farming



We deliver a full irrigation and fertigation solution, allowing farmers to focus on crop cultivation and marketing. Our services include the design, manufacturing, and implementation of drip line irrigation and fertigation system. All of this is managed by our proven algorithm, running all irrigation commands precisely and automatically.

Solution Components

A precision irrigation and fertigation solution for open fields, plantations and greenhouses, made out of four components:

Real-time Sensors
An array of soil, water and climate IoT sensors, measuring and transmitting data in real time.

Proven Algorithm
Processing sensors and irrigation data in real-time to find the optimal irrigation point for any field.

Irrigation Control
Computerized control over irrigation and fertigation commands, managed locally and from the cloud.

Non-drain Dripline pipes
Ensuring that precise irrigation commands are executed immediately and accurately.

How Does It Work?



Analyzing the sensors and the irrigation system data to find the right irrigation regime for every field, even before planting.



Creating a profile predicting how the soil will behave in different situations, and how irrigation and fertigation should be managed going forward.



Adapt in real-time to the changing needs of any crop and handle any change in external conditions.

Success Stories


"We measured 300% yield increase in cucumbers, 400% increase in pepper and 250% yield increase in tomatoes, compared to the country's average."

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"Cycle over cycle, Bananas were ready to market four weeks earlier, we harvested 33% more Banana bunches, saved 40% of water and 80% of fertilizers, compared to our benchmarks before we started using the solution."

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"We witnessed extremely short growth cycles, 200% more yield, while we saved 50% of the water and 50% of the fertilizers."

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