Same field, more yield
Zero fertilizer achieved

Integrated farming solution

Disruptive resource management platform
Automatically and autonomously creates and manages optimal soil conditions at the root zone in real-time.

ensures precise amounts of water and nutrients based on crop need 24/7.

Conserve resources, grow more food

Accelerating & scaling a sustainable solution to the global water scarcity and food insecurity crisis.
Improving genetic growth profile through dense planting protocols and shorter growth cycles.

Any crop,
any soil,
any geography

Whether in a field or a greenhouse, soil or soiless, our AI system analyzes, designs, implements and enables peak plant performance.
So, grow anything, anywhere. More is definitely better.

Creating, supporting and sustaining optimal soil conditions at the root zone, in real-time based on crop need; enabling delivery of precise amounts of water, fertilizer and nutrients 24/7.

Improve Genetic Potential

A Dense Planting Protocol

Shorter Growth Cycles